Friday, November 21, 2008

CRUDE SHOW : Dec 13 - Jan 14 (08-09)

This work is part of an ongoing series of comic covers/daily joys & struggles in the life of Charlottesville artist Natalie Estrellita. Come see her art books Sat. Dec. 13th at ADA. Crude show is a show within a show featuring work by Able Brown, Todd White & others.

UPCOMING opening in Richmond

With sleepy art fair eyes, ADA returns from Scope Miami with SALON SELECTIVES III / & CRUDE SHOW. Saturday December 13th 2008 (7-10pm). Where we'll be showing this beautiful painting by NAOMI McCAVITT (part of a triptych) together with work by GINNA TRIPLETT, ABLE BROWN, TATE PRAY, ROB LEE and a whole slew of others.
Show runs from Dec. 13 - Jan. 14th.

OCT 2008 : at ada

This is a still image from "DROPS" by MOTOMICHI NAKAMURA, this is one of three animations currently showing at ada gallery by this japanese born/brooklyn resident. We also have a few drawings available. Show runs through Nov. 29, 2008. call for up-to-date thanksgiving hours. Check out Motomichi's website here. Buy some of his art ! ( Tell him John from ADA gallery sent you! )

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Happy Birthday ADA!

Our FIVE YEAR cake from back in June of 2008. What a sugary thing that was.
Our SIXTH birthday will be at our new Main Street location.
go to for up to the minute details!