Wednesday, May 13, 2009

ABLE BROWN @ ada gallery

Brooklyn artist, comedian and park ranger ABLE BROWN has shown at ADA a few times in the past couple of years in our group shows SALON SELECTIVES II & III , as well as, THE CRUDE SHOW. Able has an upcoming show at FLEISHER / OLLMAN gallery in Philadelphia. DONT MISS IT !

(press release for show) " Frenz " June 18th - August 29th, 2009
The long, hot summer months bring a group exhibition of artists and works selected by Will Oldham, multi-disciplinary performer who inspires-and is inspired by-a range of artists working nationally and internationally. The show, on view June 18 through the end of the summer, will include work by Shary Boyle, Able Brown, Lori Damiano, Kyle Field, Jill Gallenstein, Sammy Harkham, Alan Licht, Ashley Macomber, Joanne Oldham, Leslie Shows and Spencer Sweeney. Look forward to an amazing animation, epic installations, agressively beautiful, vibrant paintings and drawings, sound works, and special weekend performances, as well.

Also, Fleisher/Ollman showed ADA gallery artist, Jeremy Drummond's ,"65 Point Plan For Sustainable Living" in the show "You Open So Late, You Close So Earl, the Dec. - Jan. 2008 Juried Winter Show also featured ada artist -o-past shows Josh Rickards, and friend Mark Stockton.

Monday, May 11, 2009

Derick Melander / art / May 2009 at ADA GALLERY

Derick Melander wrestles his artwork into submission with grace. At ADA this month, May 2009, Derick exhibits new drawings and an installation, Universal Set. see photos of installation here

and go to the gallery's website here

ADA gallery recently exhibited Derick Melander's tower of clothes, Flesh Of My Flesh, at Scope Miami 2008.

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Bruce Wilhelm @ Scope Miami 07

This piece was exhibited by Bruce Wilhelm at ADA GALLERY's Scope Miami booth.
see more bruce at!



Kristen Beal-DeGrandmont

SUPERCELL - Richmond VA's "The Squirrelly Girls", comprised originally of ex & current VCU artists & professors, debut their "Travelling Summer Storm Art Exhibit/Event" featuring Sandra Luckett, Lisa Rundstrom, Kristen Beal-DeGrandmont, Suzanna Fields, Matt Kenyon, Barbara Tisserat, Carrie Dyer, Peter Baldes, Vaughn Garland, Ginnie Baer, Bryan Condra, Stu Hollins, Kirsten Kindler, Langdon Graves, and Rachel Hayes
at Broad street, May 2009.

Also showing May 2009 at ADA this month, Derick Melander & Sarah Trigg. Sarah is exhibiting three beautiful paintings on panel and Derick has an installation of shoes, "Universal Set" .
(images coming soon)

go to the website for more info.

JARED LINDSAY CLARK @ ada's Scope New York booth

This is a fairly new piece of Jared's that we had at Scope New York at The Lincoln Center's Damrosch Park show! Jared has a show opening SOON at Black And White Gallery in Brooklyn. Should be a great show. I think this piece is titled Small Snowballs or just "Snowballs".

CHUCK YUEN : ada gallery (OCTOBER 2007)

New York artist Chuck Yuen, aka Charles Yuen, hippest man alive. We had a great show back in October of 2007. time flies! We still have some great works from this exhibition availiable.

Check out our Chuck Yuen page at ada's website,