Wednesday, June 20, 2012

More images from Sunshine & Demented Minds at Mulherin + Pollard

a group of Porous Walkers

Left to right, Joel Dugan, Able Brown, Chris Kerr, Don Porcella, Joel Dugan & Toto Feldman

Marguerite Courtney's surf photos

John Lurie's paintings and Jakob Boeskov's drawing

Saturday, June 16, 2012


Bus Driver by John Lurie

Untitled (conspiracy theorist) by Jakob Boeskov

Directions to Jesus' House by Porous Walker

Making ROom for New IDeas, Destruction of the Readymades by Don Porcella

detail from The Big Moment by Don Porcella

Joel Dugan & Able Brown

Untitled ( Yes, Mom) by Jakob Boeskov

John Lurie & Jakob Boeskov

Pyrrhuloxia (desert Cardinal) by Toto Feldman

Exhibition Dates: May 31– July 1, 2012

Mulherin + Pollard ushers in the summer with the jubilant group show “Sunshine & Demented Minds” featuring twelve artists that share a pronounced enthusiasm for vibrant light and color, the comical abjection of everyday life and of a natural world upended and rearranged; the primitive and the cool; and all varying degrees of the raw, the cooked, the baked, and the sun-addled. These artists hope to share with its viewers the sensation and disorientation of staring at the sun for weeks at a time, so you won’t have to yourself.

Featured Artists:

Jakob Boeskov
John Lurie
Able Brown
Marguerite Courtney
Joel Dugan
Casey Farnum
Toto Feldman
Chris Kerr
Don Porcella
Cyrus Sutton
Heidi Tullman
Porous Walker

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

BLAQUE LYTE Richmo', now through mid-July 2012

left to right: Casey William Farnum, Edra Soto, Paintallica

above: Mike Andrews

 above: Hanna Andersson

 above: Joakim Ojanen, Edie Fake, Bruce Conkle, Klara Kristalova and Michael Swaney

Bruce Conkle, Klara Kristalova and Michael Swaney

Brandon Heuser

Benton Moss

top down: Seth Scriver, Michael Dumontier & Neil Farber
and Eric Lebofsky

Michael Dumontier & Neil Farber

Rob Lee

Casey William Farnum

Ben Stone

Keith Herzik

Celine Hudreaux

Celine Hudreaux

Ben Stone

Casey Farnum

Edie Fake

Hanna Andersson

Ada Gallery poster by Hanna Andersson & Joakim Ojanen

David Shrigley's million dollar artwork

Marie Rosen

Opening poster by Paul Nudd