Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Wanna Fold Clothes ? Derick Melander NEEDS YOU!!!

from Dericks email...
"PLEASE Come help me fold!
This Thursday, September 24th, I will create a monumental sculpture from 3,615 pounds of second hand clothing. The resulting piece will be a 5 x 7 foot cube, carefully folded, stacked and arranged by color. Why 3,615 pounds? That's the amount of textile waste created by New Yorkers every 5 minutes. This event, hosted by the Council on Environment of New York City, will be part of the 5th Annual Green Brooklyn...Green City Fair and Symposium taking place on Thursday, September 24, 2009 at Brooklyn Borough Hall and Columbus Park. Clothing for the event will be loaned by the textile recycling company, Wearable Collections.
I'm looking for people who like to fold, have reasonable attention to detail, and can commit to a half day or more. Spread the word!!
Compensation: 1) Fold the whole day and you will be compensated with an original, framed watercolor by the artist commemorating the event 2) Everyone will be fed 3) You will receive a $10 travel stipend. Please let me know if you plan to come, and wear blue on the bottom and white on the top, Adam Kaufman will be making a mini-doc, so that will make us look great. Or like a cult, which would be fun too.
Below is the press release:
Green Brooklyn...Green City is an interactive event where attendees can learn first-hand from local experts about the many ways New York City is creating a more sustainable future. Alongside our Greenmarket farmers' market, attendees can visit exhibitors, make art from second hand clothing, and more. The event is the largest of its kind in Brooklyn and we invite you to come learn the simple, small steps you can take to help keep New York City a healthy place to live.
Where and when:
Thursday September 24, 2009
Folding from 9:30-6, rain or shine
(we will have nice tents!)

And You get to hang out with Derick! Nicest guy in the world! See Derick's ada gallery page here...

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Friday, September 18, 2009

Past Show Goodness by The Spahr Brothers

September 2006 seems like so long ago... Probably cause it was! This drawing, Extra Goodness, accompanied the sculptural installation put on by Josh & Matt Spahr called "Sweetness". See more of the show here at ada's site.

Monday, September 14, 2009

(past ada) All Terrain Ass Kicker by Shannon Wright

This work by Shannon Wright is inspired by Afghan war rugs and Shannon's take on our current war. Shannon made a rubber "re-tread" for our Scope Miami show last year based on this drawing ( this is just a detail). Side note: Shannon's sister Kylie and I were in a band at UVa called FlushPet. Being an animal lover and a bit of a weenie, I wasn't initially a fan of the name... Kylie had to explain to me the ways of punk rock.

Daniel Davidson at SLOAN fine art , opens September 16th

This is an image of four of Daniel's "mirror drawings" which we exhibited in the last Salon Selectives at ada. HE has an upcoming show of new drawings at Sloan Fine Art this month. He's showing with our pal Eric White. Check it out!!

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

BLACK SNOWBALLS by Jared Clark ( at ADA SEPT 09)

I love this piece! Named for the Tchotchkies underneath this piece... She's a beaut! Jared created this piece last week before we opened his current show, Love & Devotion Boat. Come see the show! see more at the gallery site here.

Monday, September 7, 2009

Jared Clark & Jeremy Drummond at ada this month!

Jared Clark busts out new work & some recently revamped old work in a show called LOVE & DEVOTION. and Jeremy Drummond presents some of his photographic works in group called NOWHERE. South Dakota is a newly mounted beautiful 7 image piece which shows opposite some of his Street Signs pulled from an ongoing series called Everyone Knows This Is Nowhere. More images to come soon!