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ada gallery and derek larson
 were voted one of the top 13 booths at Untiled Miami ! Thanks Artsy

Good luck walking past Richmond, Virginia's ada gallery without stopping for Derek Larson's mirrored wall sculptures, featuring robotic arms wielding cameras that play animations of dancing aliens. In these works (on offer for $15,000 apiece), the Yale grad and former student of Jessica Stockholderblends science fiction with an interest in autoimmune diseases. Intestine-like appendages and eerie alien hands reach out toward the viewer in an attempt to communicate. - Molly Gottschalk

Installation view of Derek Larson, Static Void: All You Need to Attract Click-Throughs, 2016, and Host: You Need to Upload Two Different Versions, 2016

Monday, November 7, 2016




MFA Yale School of Art, New Haven CT
BFA Herron School of Art, Indianapolis IN
Yale Norfolk Summer School of Art, Norfolk CT


UNTITLED Art Basel Miami, ADA Gallery, Miami FL *
Yud Video Project, Contemporary Jewish Museum, San Francisco CA
Psychic Phones, ADA Gallery, Richmond VA*
Après, Upfor Gallery, Portland OR *
Ever-Pre-Given, WVU, Morgantown WV *
FUTURE TALK, Urban Institute for Contemporary Art, Grand Rapids MI
Abstract Mind, CICA Museum, South Korea
What Happens When..., POWRPLNT, Brooklyn NY

Generator, ADA Gallery, Richmond VA
InLight, Virginia Museum of Fine Arts, Richmond VA
[mon-i-tor], University of Alabama, Tuscaloosa AL *
Tele-novela, ACRE TV, curated by Robyn Farrell, Chicago IL
A Monk Texting, Redux Contemporary, Charleston SC *
Dog Jokes, ADA Gallery, Richmond VA *
Capital Yes, Pearl Conard Gallery, Ohio State University, Mansfield OH *
Derek Larson, Hye Yeon Nam and Babycastles, Cal State University Chico CA*
Nuit Blanche New York, PRAVA Festival, Washington DC
SECAC Fellowship Exhibition, Artists Image Resource, Pittsburgh PA *
Digital Native, The Front, New Orleans LA

Saf Aleph, Mulherin + Pollard Gallery, New York NY *
Videorover 8, NURTUREart, Brooklyn NY
Just Gaming, Laconia Gallery, Boston MA *
Saf Aleph (Beth), ADA Gallery, Richmond VA *
Trance curated by Miranda Lash, Crosstown, Memphis TN *
Ecstatically Quiet, Fosdick-Nelson Gallery, Alfred University NY *
Rebuilding the Temple, Human Resources, Los Angeles CA
Lake Colors, Hartnett Gallery, University of Rochester NY *
Steal This Bike curated by Chanel Kim, MINT Gallery, Atlanta GA

Two-way, Union South Gallery 1308, University of Wisconsin, Madison WI *
Leveling the Genres, Telfair Museum Jepson Center, Savannah GA
E.S.P. TV: ESPISODES, Curated by Scott Kiernan, Museum of Art and Design, New York NY
Nervous Systems, Hudgens Prize Finalist Exhibit, Hudgens Center, Duluth GA
Collective Intelligence, Platform IHC-UCSB, Santa Barbara CA
We Two Founts, Kipp Gallery, Indiana University PA *
Air Show, Art Metropole, curated by Butcher Gallery, Toronto ON
Art & Nature, Strata Foundation, Pinsiö Finland
Acid Rain Production, Brooklyn NY *

Leveling the Genres, Vox Populi, Philadelphia PA *
The Floridian Sweats, Microscope Gallery, Brooklyn NY *
Tantric Wealth, May Gallery, New Orleans LA *
Renewed Memories, Arcade Gallery Marymount College, San Pedro CA
Totally Stacked, Seattle International Film Festival, Seattle WA
PLAYBACK>, Aggregate Space, Oakland CA
Droopy Columns, COOP Gallery, Nashville TN *
Replay!, HEX Pixel Gallery @ T2, Kansas City MO
PLAYBACK>, Queens Nails Projects, San Francisco CA


The New Orleans Museum of Art, The Jepson Center Telfair Museum & private collections in Atlanta,
Detroit, St. Louis, Los Angeles, New Haven, New York, Seattle, Tacoma, New Orleans, Indianapolis,
Richmond, Jacksonville, Vienna Austria, Nottingham & Liverpool UK.


National Endowment for the Arts Grant
Arteles Residency, Haukijärvi Finland
SECAC Fellowship Award
Workshop with Slavoj Zizek & Boris Groys, European Graduate School
Vermont Studio Center Residency, David Bermant Foundation Fellowship
Working Artist Grant/Purchase Award
Workshop with Michael Hardt, Lev Manovich & Avital Ronell, European Graduate School
Hudgens Prize Finalist, Duluth GA
Workshop with Chris Kraus, Friedrich Kittler & Simon Critchley, European Graduate School
Antenna Gallery/Press Street Grant, New Orleans LA
Ellen Battell Stoeckel Fellowship, Yale School of Art


Larson, Derek G. (2015). Composition, Color & Interactivity. PDF & Book


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Virginia Commonwealth University, Richmond VA
West Virginia University, Morgantown WV
Georgia State University, Atlanta GA
University of North Texas, Denton TX

Rhode Island School of Design, Providence RI
Virginia Commonwealth University, Richmond VA
Ohio State University, Mansfield OH
California State University, Chico CA
University of Arkansas, Fayetteville AR

NYSCC Alfred University, Alfred NY
University of Rochester NY
Northeastern Illinois University, Chicago IL
Southeastern Museum Conference, Knoxville TN
Crosstown Arts, Memphis TN

School of the Art Institute, Chicago IL
University of Wisconsin, Madison WI
Hudgens Center, Duluth GA
Jepson Center Telfair Museum, Savannah GA
University of Texas at El Paso TX
FATE PostHaus, Savannah GA

Tulane University, New Orleans LA
Loyola University, New Orleans LA
University of New Orleans, New Orleans LA

Sunday, October 30, 2016



exhibition dates : October 7 - 29, 2016
ada gallery is pleased to present four films by Sasha Waters Freyer, on view October 7 -- October 29.  Freyer is a moving image artist trained in the photography and documentary tradition, fusing original and found footage in 16mm and digital media. Freyer's works ask the question of how to be an artist and a parent; to make and to nurture; to revolt and sustain; the certainty of death; the project of reconciling the irreconcilable. For more than a decade, her work has revolved around what happens -- psychologically, spiritually, and emotionally -- when one becomes a parent, guided around her own maternal ambivalence. Her work conveys a desperation to evoke meaning from motherhood, the battle between autonomy and subjugation, selfishness and 
sacrifice.  Since the becoming a parent 12 years ago, she has mined the tension between the subjective and lived experience of mothers--so often without cultural or aesthetic representation--and their fantasies, projections, fears, and mourning. The four short films selected for presentation in Afraid of Everything explore, without sentimentality, this loss of innocence that is both real and imagined, personal and collective. They synthesize Freyer's original 16mm footage (shot on a hand-cranked Bolex camera) with optically re-printed and manipulated nature and history films and the home movies of strangers.
The four films included are:  Her Heart is Washed in Water and then Weighed (2006, 13:00, 16mm film loop), premiere: Tribeca Film Festival.   You Can See the Sun in Late December (2010, 6:30, 16mm film -> video loop projection), U.S. premiere: Anthology Film Archives, New York.   Burn Out the Day (2014, 4:00, 16mm film -> video loop projection), premiere: Havana Film Festival.  A Partial History of the Natural World, 1965 (2015, 6:30, 16mm film -> digital diptych, looped), premiere: The Jihlava International Film Festival. 
In 2016, Sasha Waters Freyer was the recipient of the Helen Hill Award from he Orphan Film Symposium, and in 2015 received a Media Arts Grant from the National Endowment for the Arts. Her past projects have screened at such renowned international festivals as Rotterdam, Telluride, Tribeca, and IMAGES, in institutions such as the Pacific Film Archives, the Museum of Moving Images in New York, and The Museum of Contemporary Art in Detroit, and are equally active in microcinemas, church basements, and county libraries.  Her films and videos have been reviewed in ArtForum, The New Yorker, Variety, IndieWIRE, and Mother Jones.  Freyer is a past fellow of The Macdowell Colony, Yaddo, and the Virginia Center for the Creative Arts, and currently serves as the Chair of the Department of Photography & Film at VCU's School of the Arts.
exhibition dates: October 7th - October 29, 2016
Gallery hours are Wednesday through Friday 12 to 5pm and Saturday  12 to 4pm

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Friday, August 26, 2016

Opening Sept. 2, 2016 : UP ALL NIGHT (EXPECT A MIRACLE) at ADA




When growing ficus indoors, it is important to maintain a relatively high humidity around the plant. And if you don't believe us, we suggest you come and visit. Stay Up All Night to enjoy the sunset with your ficus tree (often featured as shelter from danger) while debating on both real and romantic ideas of the inherent and potentially inherent attributes of naturally occurring phenomenon in our universe.
Always check the top of the soil when expecting a miracle. If the top of the soil is wet, do not water as this means they have enough moisture. Give yourself a shot of this every 9 days for achieving greater symbiotic balance and happinesses in you and your botanical partners. 

Leaf drop is a ficus tree’s standard reaction to stress but struggle is nature's way of physically and metaphysically strengthening it. Careful observation is the only key to true and complete awareness, and that knowledge is gonna eat you alive from the inside out.
Matt Spahr, a sculptor from California (among other places), and Valerie Molnar, a painter from Cleveland, investigate the transfer of energy and the dynamic exchange within nature with color, form, and complex time based installation. The collaboration began in 2012 as their work collided through their friendship and mutual love for plants. They both teach at Virginia Commonwealth University. Matt earned his BFA from California State and Valerie from The Cleveland Institute Of Art, they both made their move to Richmond for their MFA's at VCU. The duo received a VMFA Professional fellowship this year, they attended Mountain Lake's Art Lab Residency last summer, and have recently returned from this year’s residency at Wave Pool Gallery in Cincinnati Ohio.
SPAHR/MOLNAR statement: We as a collaborative team investigate the transfer of energy and the dynamic exchange within nature with color, form, and complex time based installation. Through plants, residual haunting, sculpture, and painting we experiment and debate on both real and romantic ideas of the inherent and potentially inherent attributes of naturally occurring phenomenon in our universe. We work together to think about and create environments for the happiness of plants and people while researching botanical care and theory. Exploring the idea of home and space for these ‘houseplants’ we ask questions to our domesticated friends about what they might be missing from their native homes. We imagine things that could help with their happiness like being with more mature partners, sunsets, fresh air, bugs, rain showers, and more metaphysical ideas like healing springs water, nonpercussive music and purple tesla plates. We are also interested in assisting plants’ human counterparts to be better partners in order to reach greater symbiotic balance and happinesses. Some of our social outreach projects have included learning to meditate with your plant, dancing with your plant, and exercising with your plant which raise happiness levels in humans creating positive environments for thriving while also producing essential CO2 and humidity through breathing and moving. Or, plants and their people can enjoy a sunset together indoors.

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