FIMP BOOKS ( MARC SNYDER) joined the group last month for ada's STIMULUS PACKAGE show.

I must disclose for the record that I was in an extremely mysterious & occasionally maligned co-ed fraternity with Mr.Marc Snyder at The Univ. of Virginia back in the day... The Art Department, silly !
His band, The Squealing Undulations, always had the catchiest posters all around school with the most arresting image w/ tiny print underneath the club & time saying " not appearing tonight". No one seemed to notice. My friends thought he was in a band. More people see posters than go to shows anyways.
The hilarity continues with his FIMP ( Fuji Island Mermaid Press) art books. Go to
and click on "art books".Tell Marc " John from ADA sent you" and maybe he'll give you a free one when you buy a bunch. maybe not. doesn't matter. they're so cheap & genius that you should just go there now & order them. Order them ALL ! (We also carry them at ADA gallery)

Update: Marc says the band is gearing up for their big reunion non-tour.