NATHAN TERSTEEG @ ADA ( few days left ! )

Baby Boom by Nathan Tersteeg showing this month (august 09) at ada gallery. This is one from a series of five in which each bat is clutching a dvd. The Bats are drawn in pitch black charcoal and the dvd's are painted in acrylic (maybe gouache). Nathan's statement reads, "In these images, I am both embodied in and haunted by small specters of night, spooked or screeching as I clutch at false hopes and cling to dark fantasies." Did I mention the paintings on the dvd's are so tight? very fine detail work. So much so that when we showed his previous series of Octopi paintings, who were holding on to bags of chips or soda and such, someone actually thought he had magically shrunk the label off of a 2 liter bottle of root beer and glued it onto the painting! Nope, just good painting.