AMBLING: John Coburn & Gian Pierotti at ada gallery!

This is one of the wall installations of John Coburn's auto/vehicle inspired works. These are beautiful paintings usually on MDF using enamel & oil paint. Seeing a work inspired by a Pinto... takes me back to brown bag lunches and carpooling!
Stop by ADA gallery in Richmond, Virginia and see these guys in person. We're now, rather comically, open 7 days a week on Broad, after almost never being there.. We got faked out by a sale of our building on Broad (which ended up being tabled due to economy) and we found a new space. We readied ourselves for the move when we were told we could stay in the old place!
So our old address on Broad St. is back to being our main exhibition space. And we now enjoy the new Main St. space as storage, office, and more.

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