Incredible works at The Folk Art Museum in NYC!

I can't believe I've never been there before... I'm always driving to ny to pickup/drop off work without time for museums. But I finally i got to the Folk Museum. such great works are there.. This painting is "Watergate" by Ralph Fasanella. You can stare at this beautiful, inventive piece for hours ( it was right beside a painting of Richmond from the 1800's). So this piece and the Dargers were my favorites. Specifically the two sided painting by Henry Darger blew my mind. painting #1, the Glandelinians, these soldier/cowboy guys are tying up and choking young girls in the forest.. a frightening painting, then on the flipside, painting #2 ,UNTITLED (Blengins Capturing Glandelinian Soldiers), the tortured are rescued as the winged children "the Blengins" fly in and chase off, capture or kill these fleeing cowboys. really amazing. My other favorite pieces in really no particular order:
3. "the Hulbert Family Mourning piece
4. the Newburyport Needlework Picture by artist unknown. the most beautiful blue sky ever.
5. Clementine Hunter "Alice In Wonderland". it's a masterpiece.
6. Frank Albert Jones, " Devil House"
7. Black and White Building with Collage by William L. Hawkins
8. Nan Phelps "Finishing the Quilt"
9. John "Jack" Savitsky, "Monday Morning"
10. Cathedral in Heaven by Howard Finster.
11. unitled ( "singlair") by Melvin Way
12. all the other Dargers they have there.
13. and almost everything else
If you've never been, go now!! check out the Folk Art Museum site here..