George Kuchar at VOLTA NY

Here's a photo of George Kuchar being interviewed by the group from Artlog. Asked if he had any advice, "you loose your buttocks as you get older. So be sure to eat plenty and don't listen to your friends if they say they your butts too big. it can never have too big a buttocks". Oh Georgie. What would the world be without you. What kinds of films would John Waters, Todd Solondz, and pals have made without you. We were very happy to have sold several of George's watercolors to collectors who didn't even know about George's illustrious film (and underground comics career)! Which i just love. Not that we wouldn't want to sell his works to film fans! George also gave a fantastic talk with critic Ed Halter which was sponsored by the Armory Show. Ed & George bantered back and forth, George even told his Charlie Sheen story. Good stuff. More posts to come.