George Kuchar & Ada gallery at NADA Miami this December 2011

George Kuchar & Jimmy Trotter will be exhibiting new work (and in George's case some new & old work - old but never before seen ) at NADA Miami. We are very excited to be accepted to this years NADA fair. I must tell you that I was so excited for several reasons.. Jimmy is from Miami so I'm looking forward to exhibiting his toy shrines and paintings in his hometown while learning the best places to eat & get cuban coffee, etc..
and I couldn't wait to tell George that I had a room for him on the beach. A couple of years ago, I booked us all a room together on the Bay and George politely asked me to move him over to the beachfront... "It's kinda crazy to come all the way to Miami and not be on the beach, isn't it?" he kept telling me when he suggested that i stay a few days post fair.
Needless to say, I knew he'd be thrilled with our situation this year with a room on the beach.
So it saddens me to tell the Ada gallery family that though his artwork will be with us, unfortunately George won't be able to make it to Miami. George has had cancer for awhile now and it seemed, and we all hoped, that it was under control or at least slowed, but it's come back rather quickly and aggressively. I hoping that George & I will be able to see Miami on skype or at least, I can hold the phone to his ear while near the surf.
To all the many friends & fans of George & Mike, please keep them in your prayers.