George Kuchar passed away last night. We're going to miss you George.

Here I am shooting a bit of video of George during Art Basel week 2009 which he made into a diary, Artstar. I can't believe George is gone. George was my professor, my artist and my friend of 23 years. I met George the fall of 1989 when I moved to San Francisco to attend SFAI. His class was called AC/DC Psychoteleplays. or Psychotropics.. i can't remember exactly but it sounded more fun than Painting 2 or Life Drawing. and it was. In fact, I like many others, couldn't stop "taking his class". During grad school for painting and beyond, I kept finding myself hanging out at Studio 8. I'm happy to have been one of George's many"actors".
And now, having been George's art dealer for the past few years, I can't tell you how much fun we've had together. And I'm so proud of the wonderful exhibitions that we have coming this year and next, which fortunately he knew about, He was very excited and proud of what was happening with his drawings and paintings.
Oh man, I'm so sad. We will miss you George. Always & Forever.