The secret is out! ADA artist & recently departed pal George Kuchar is in the 2012 Whitney Biennial!!

Looks as if George is wondering about what this means to be in The Whitney Biennial.. 
actually he was "acting" for me in his San Francisco apartment back in 2009.

I must confess,  I have pangs of sadness and disbelief every time I see a photo of George. I just long to be with him again or at least be able to pick up the phone & hear his voice. I loved how he ended every call, "Bye Now". I don't think this will ever change. 

George knew of the wonderful recognition that was headed his way, the PS1 show, The Whitney, and was sad that he wasn't going to be around to see them.. as he said, "it's a tragedy".  But he was very proud, and happy that all these kudos were in the works. 

George would have absolutely loved the show at PS1 with it's 30 plus films on view, either projected or on monitors in a sit-down setting, as well as all the drawings, paintings and comics that they included. Complete with red carpet!!
If you haven't seen the show go now to PS1 , it's up through January 15. 

I think this is George reading the blog above and thinking, "ooh John, You're getting mushy!"
Yeah, well. Whatcha going to do.