George Kuchar & Larry Leibowitz at 2010 Mulherin + Pollard exhibit

I shot this off Larry Liebowitz' camera ( we couldn't find the right cable!) 
It's George Kuchar & his longtime friend Larry at our opening for George's show, Always & Forever, in 2010.  They're standing in front of, 2 x 4 Eyes, which was George's new title for his painting of Larry & his mother. George painted this as a gift for Larry's mom and story goes she hated the painting - since it looked like she was sitting in Larry's lap. So she refused it!  (She is definitely sitting in Larry's lap!)

Larry stopped by the gallery to see our current exhibit of some of George's comics, photos and some childhood drawings, Snapshots & Twisted Tales at our new space on Chrystie St. in NYC
and he showed me these photos from our past show. Sad & wonderful. 

Larry pointed out that George died almost a year to the day from this photo. I think it was a few days off, but close. Needless to say Larry is devastated by George's passing. They'd been friends since about 5th grade. 

I love this photo.