Thursday, August 27, 2009

George Kuchar speaks to his devoted fans!

George Kuchar amidst a very fun & informative Q & A at Scope NY last March ( I'm the one with the goofy look of love n' admiration!). We were showing new and old work at "Video Violations" in Scope Art's video and film area. We also had some drawings by George in the booth. George was my professor back at SFAI many moons ago, so it's always fun to see him & equally great to work with him again! Look for cool new stuff from George & ADA this Miami!!!

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

NATHAN TERSTEEG @ ADA ( few days left ! )

Baby Boom by Nathan Tersteeg showing this month (august 09) at ada gallery. This is one from a series of five in which each bat is clutching a dvd. The Bats are drawn in pitch black charcoal and the dvd's are painted in acrylic (maybe gouache). Nathan's statement reads, "In these images, I am both embodied in and haunted by small specters of night, spooked or screeching as I clutch at false hopes and cling to dark fantasies." Did I mention the paintings on the dvd's are so tight? very fine detail work. So much so that when we showed his previous series of Octopi paintings, who were holding on to bags of chips or soda and such, someone actually thought he had magically shrunk the label off of a 2 liter bottle of root beer and glued it onto the painting! Nope, just good painting.

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Derick Melander in NY TIMES today!!

Derick Melander (exhibited with ADA gallery at Scope Miami last year and in Richmond this past May) is currently exhibiting at the Katonah Museum of Art and has just been reviewed by the New York Times in The Style Section (print) and in The Moment (blog). Both reviews include a photo of Derick's piece, which is titled "Where do you Begin". This sculpture, nearly 12 feet tall, is comprised of carefully folded, women's clothing and dates back to '03. Get there and see this piece!!! (show ends October 4th).

Other artists include: Ray Beldner, Sanford Biggers, Barbara Bloom, Louise Bourgeois, Maria Fernanda Cardoso, Nick Cave, Cat Chow, Sonya Clark, Willie Cole, Maureen Connor, E.V. Day, Mónica Girón, Guerra de la Paz, Joseph Havel, Oliver Herring, Bingyi Huang, Mella Jaarsma, Wang Jin, Rashid Johnson, Kate Kretz, Charles LeDray, Susie MacMurray, Derick Melander, Yael Mer, Farhad Moshiri, Luca Pizzaroni, Elaine Reichek, Freddie Robins, Zoë Sheehan Saldaña, Beverly Semmes, Judith Shea, Jean Shin, Mimi Smith, Susan Stockwell, Do-Ho Suh and Cheryl Yun.

Derick isn't just an amazingly original & talented artist ( & folder of clothes) but is the sweetest, most genuine guy this little blue planet has ever produced! Am I laying it on thick? If you've ever met Derick , you'll know that I'm not. check out his ADA gallery page here...

Friday, August 14, 2009

Roberto Jamora : ada gallery residency program 2009 !

Virginia Beach artist, Roberto Jamora exhibited some of his recent silkscreen prints which involve water, surfers, spiritual rocks and volcanoes in our Stimulus Package show this past July. Roberto was the first ever ada gallery assistant /residential artist this summer. When not answering the door for gallery visitors, Roberto was participating in ADA gallery's Broad Street Residency Program! We cleared out the office and voila! studio!! Interested in purchasing Roberto's work?? (hint: affordable) Contact ADA now!


FIMP BOOKS ( MARC SNYDER) joined the group last month for ada's STIMULUS PACKAGE show.

I must disclose for the record that I was in an extremely mysterious & occasionally maligned co-ed fraternity with Mr.Marc Snyder at The Univ. of Virginia back in the day... The Art Department, silly !
His band, The Squealing Undulations, always had the catchiest posters all around school with the most arresting image w/ tiny print underneath the club & time saying " not appearing tonight". No one seemed to notice. My friends thought he was in a band. More people see posters than go to shows anyways.
The hilarity continues with his FIMP ( Fuji Island Mermaid Press) art books. Go to
and click on "art books".Tell Marc " John from ADA sent you" and maybe he'll give you a free one when you buy a bunch. maybe not. doesn't matter. they're so cheap & genius that you should just go there now & order them. Order them ALL ! (We also carry them at ADA gallery)

Update: Marc says the band is gearing up for their big reunion non-tour.

Jeremiah Johnson at ADA ( last month)

I seem to have a thing for putting up images from previous shows! But I figure if you're in Richmond.. you should just come by the gallery , and if you're out of town , does it matter? probably... so, I'll try to add the present & the future to the mix!
This woodblock print is by a young Pennsylvania artist, Jeremiah Johnson. This piece was shown in last months group exhibit STIMULUS PACKAGE at ada. Jeremiah is a painter, printer, installation artist & more. He even has an alter ego. Like Sir Able Brown of Brooklyn , Not only is he an original, I'm quite positive he's cool. It's not crucial for good art, but it really helps. More to come.